An important update on Chain React 2022

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TL;DR We’re pumping the brakes on Chain React 2022 because we believe true magic happens when we’re together face-to-face! So we're cancelling for this year. Details are available on a special episode of React Native Radio and the React Native Newsletter.

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Chain React: Doing It the Right Way

The best part about Chain React is the connections we make when we’re together. Whether that’s spontaneously chatting in the hallway in between sessions, grabbing a bite or a drink in the evening or meeting up to imagine the next big thing, it’s human-to-human bonding that makes this event so special.

We are strong believers that this connection doesn’t happen through a screen or in a virtual conference room. We host Chain React in person, in a thriving location because that’s where relationships, ideas, and conversations come alive. When this location is surrounded by shutdown venues and restrictions, it limits the conference’s potential — it becomes a shell of what it’s supposed to be.

For us, it’s all or nothing.

So we’re hitting pause on Chain React until we can do it right, but that doesn’t mean we’re slowing down. There are a ton of ways to stay connected and tight-knit as a community.

Bookmark these online resources and keep the React Native fire blazing!

  • Learn more about the tough decision to cancel Chain React by listening to a very special episode of React Native Radio. This is a fun, casual, immersive show where we venture into the human understanding of working together to build the next big thing. People exploring React Native together!
  • Stay up to date with all things React Native by signing up for the React Native Newsletter. Get the latest updates, guides, articles, trends and resources you need to be the smartest person in the room when it comes to React Native. Tons of information at your fingertips! Read the latest with the updates about Chain React 2022.
  • If you like live coding, tune in to React Native Live on Mondays and Fridays with Infinite Red's CTO, Jamon Holmgren, on Twitch and YouTube.

If you want to dig in a little further, Gant Laborde also wrote a blog article about this decision.

Stay strong and stay safe everyone! We’ll get through this wild time side-by-side, and continue to connect, collaborate and celebrate the only way we know how — together.

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