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Alex Hinson

Developer at Airship

I'm a Chattanooga-based developer working for Airship where I have the fortunate opportunity to work with some amazing clients and build cool things. In a past life I played music in way too many bands.

Convert a React Native Project to TypeScript in 10 Minutes

Lightning Talk

As TypeScript continues its gradual takeover of the JavaScript world, you might be having some similar FOMO as myself:

“What will all my friends think of me if I'm not using TypeScript in my React Native project?” “Where do I even begin to convert this giant codebase to TypeScript?”“What the #*$% even is TypeScript?

Luckily, there is a solution! And it won't take you weeks to do! This talk will show you all the steps involved in converting a React Native project to TypeScript, as well as many of the pitfalls and gotchas that you might encounter along the way.